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80 Hypothyroid Symptoms

Or why they might think it's your hormones. . .

Eighty symptoms of low thyroid disease.

Low thyroid or a thyroid that has ceased to do its job packs up a load of physical and emotional challenges for us to deal with and understand just why we feel the way we do. This list is pooled from several hypothyroidism resources.  hypothyroidism is a disease for all sizes and ages.

  1. Dry, flaking skin, shiny scales
  2. Constipation of bowels
  3. Muscle, bones and joint pain
  4. Osteoporosis
  5. Extremities feel like dead weight after activities
  6. Cannot hold a child for long
  7. Carpal tunnel issues
  8. Plantar fascitis, sore feet, or painful soles of feet
  9. Period of recovery after activity long
  10. Debilitating, odd reaction to exercising
  11. Standing in one place intolerable
  12. Legs swollen, not only ankles but upper thighs and hips
  13. Abdomen swollen beyond belief then gone a few days later
  14. Cannot work full time
  15. Fatigue too soon in day
  16. Sluggish always, run down
  17. Exhaustion for no reason
  18. Less stamina than others
  19. Less energy than others
  20. Dry hair, thinning at crown especially
  21. Hair falling out
  22. Hair breaks off and does not really grow
  23. Nails peel or are very thin
  24. Coarse hair when was not
  25. Extremities cold
  26. Hind end cold
  27. Temperature before rising in morn lower than normal
  28. Temperature all day lower than normal but higher than first reading
  29. Even a 98.5 temperature reading means you have a low grade fever
  30. Raised temperature as well, nothing consistent except exhaustion
  31. Infections are more frequent, more difficult recovery
  32. Sinus infections
  33. Snoring increased
  34. Sleep apnea
  35. Shortness of breath
  36. Tightness in the chest
  37. Yawning seems to give oxygen – air hunger
  38. Feeling of heart spells when heart is fine
  39. Fluid retention creates CHF, Congestive Heart Failure
  40. Blood pressure up, down, all around
  41. Dry eyes and are sensitive to light
  42. Eye tics
  43. Eye jumping causes headaches and vertigo
  44. Nerve damage that causes inability to swallow properly, leading to aspiration pneumonia
  45. Feelings of throbbing, pulsing, tightness in neck and throat
  46. Sore throat
  47. Swollen lymph glands
  48. Itching internal ears
  49. Ringing in ears
  50. Vertigo
  51. Headaches, migraines
  52. Light-headed
  53. Cannot read for a long time
  54. Cannot stay awake to read
  55. Memory going
  56. Concentration and focus gone
  57. Cannot really function in a relationship
  58. Every part of one is exhausted, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually
  59. Finding oneself irritable with others, mind is pressed too much to breathe
  60. Depression that is chronic, low grade, tiring
  61. Suicidal thoughts
  62. No sex drive
  63. Menstrual cramps are severe, flow heavier, more frequent
  64. Miscarriage or infertility
  65. Difficult to eat in morning, stomach discomfort
  66. Irritable bowel and/or colitis
  67. Lactose intolerant
  68. Allergies (Stop the Thyroid Madness notes this can be a result from low-cortisol as that is common with hypothyroid patients
  69. Cholesterol rising
  70. Excessive, unexplainable weight gain
  71. Difficulty losing weight
  72. Exhaustion after eating
  73. Terrible gnawing hunger a few hours after eating well
  74. Extreme hunger, especially after dinner in evenings and later in night
  75. The science does not add up — calories + lifestyle and movement = weight
  76. Swollen legs
  77. Varicose veins
  78. Bumps on legs
  79. The body pools blood and swells in the middle especially
  80. Edema and swelling that cannot be ignored or controlled.
Thyroid and menopause.

Such a pretty gland. And powerful.

My hypothyroidism experiences.

I am post-menopause, just had my two-year birthday. Except for infertility, miscarriage, severe cramps with menstrual flow and my thinning hair actually falling out, I had every symptom, plus irritability.

Using the natural progesterone cream helped some with a few symptoms, but I knew something was wrong when other women had fine results from the progesterone cream, when I had very few results.

So yes, I had too many symptoms from hypothyroid to consider that living in this great body was actually fun. Feeling the chronic depression, the exhaustion, the very real gnawing ‘hunger’ that was not really hunger or even appetite when a meal was only an hour in my body, feeling the sense of losing the battle after fifty years or trying desperately to get the physical under control…. too tiring, truly depressing and for good reason. 

But now I have hope and the symptoms are being relieved. I know enough from the research done in the last three months to understand the symptoms are the only true test of my hypothyroid improvement.  One site that has helped me understand is Stop the Thyroid Madness.com

If you suspect thyroid for yourself, you need the right tests and treatment.  Please do not stop until you find help.   Don’t let them stop with a basic blood test.  Don’t let the TSH be the end all of your treatment.  Keep going because it is your life draining away.  I know.

I am not a professional.  But I do believe that when the thyroid is compromised, the heart is going to be weakened. You can regain your health, I believe.   I will continue to post as I move along in my therapy.   For now, I can say I feel so much better and I feel hope at last.

Essa Adams

UPDATE::: After two months on general, allopathic therapy (Western medicine) for hypothyroidism, I can tell that I am recovering.  The last two days I was able to rake and garden for one half hour a day.  That when only one minute left me cry from frustration and exhaustion.  We still need to deal with cortisol and DHEA and my thyroid medication will be raised a tremendous amount then switched to a natural resource, but the changes thus far are incredible.  I have lost fourteen pounds without changing the food or adding exercise of any kind as I was not able to stand exercise until this week.  I can dress myself after a shower.  You see, that is how tired I was.  It was shower OR dress.  If I showered, I just stayed in a robe for a few hours, I was too exhausted to do more.  Just trying to show that it can get rough and I am better.have more energy than I have in a long long time, years in fact.

UPDATE::: Six months after proper thyroid prescription medications, my diagnosed congestive heart failure was completely cleared.  The GP said the test had come back that I did not have CHF anyway, so it was thyroid.  She also got me to take Vitamin D3 since my numbers were in the teens.  Now I am around 80 – could go higher.

UPDATE::: Been very sidetracked and have had trouble working for a few years.  Had memory loss, confusion, exhaustion, pain in breasts and finally found a mass in right breast which also revealed during excisional biopsy that there was  cancer in right axilla (underarm) lymph node too.  Been busy, but started posting again, telling all I know now to the best of my ability.  I have chosen alternative therapies for cancer from the moment I found the mass and my quality of life is quite good.  My head is not in the sand, this is serious.  I consider it lymph node cancer more than breast cancer, both are life threatening, both can be a chronic disease if managed by a knowing physician.  I am going for the gold.  Now feel healthier and more energy than I have in a long time.  I have learned that thyroid, Vitamin D3 and breast cancer run arm-in-arm, especially with the low body temperatures.  Get a grip on the thyroid, Vitamin D3 and body temperature in many ways.  I will be posting what I know and do.  And take all choices you can afford to deal with the cancer.  From supplements to food choices, there are ways to take charge now, don’t wait for the diagnosis.

Essa  Adams

Please know you are welcome to contact me through my comments.    Your message or question will not be posted until I read it, and if you do not want it posted at all, then tell me.  Your email, phone number are safe, I will be the only one to see it and will on;y use this if you ask.  I do all this to protect myself and my business from spammers, scammers and phishers, they are relentless.  Thank you.  Comments are below.

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